Indonesia : a human body discovered in python belly

A Seven Metre Python Was Cut Open In Indonesia. Inside: Body Of Missing Woman...
Indonesia : a human body discovered in python belly

According to local media, a woman in Indonesia's Jambi province was killed and swallowed by a python. The victim is Mrs. Jahrah (54 years old), a rubber tapper, who came to work at the rubber plantation on the morning of October 23, according to the BBC.

That night, she did not return home. Search teams were dispatched on the morning of October 24. Those dispatched later found a python more than 7m long with a large belly.

Locals killed the python and found Jahrah's body inside the animal's stomach.

"The victim was found in the stomach of the python," Harefa, the police chief of Jambi province, told local media. He added that the victim's body was mostly intact when found.

Speaking to the BBC, one expert said pythons usually eat mice and other animals, "but once they reach a certain size they almost don't eat mice anymore, because the calories provided by the mouse are negligible." .

"In essence, pythons can eat prey as large as it is," said Mary-Ruth Low, research and conservation officer at Wildlife Sanctuary Singapore. Therefore, they can eat animals such as pigs and cows.

While such incidents are rare, this is not the first time that a person in Indonesia has been swallowed by a python. Previously, two deaths in similar circumstances were recorded in the country in 2017 and 2018.

Info Source : BBC & CNN

Indonesia : a human body discovered in python belly

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