In Chile : An employee was mistakenly paid 286 times his salary

Man gets paid 286 times his salary accidentally, vanishes without trace...
'Lottery' remuneration
'Lottery' remunerationChile

Last month, Chile's largest meat processing plant, Consorcio Industrial de Alimentos (CIAL), mistakenly paid an employee 165,398,851 pesos (about $180,000) instead of the employee's salary. In fact, the employee should only have been entitled to 500,000 pesos ($542). The amount of money improperly paid to the worker was more than 286 times the monthly salary.

The company verified and confirmed the exceeding amount and promptly contacted the employee who agreed to return the money and stated that he would go to the bank the next day to pay back the surplus amount...

However, it seems that this person could not resist the lure of such a large sum of money, so he quietly left his job and disappeared without a trace.

After Cial's account's department noticed that the bank still hadn't paid back the money, they tried to re-contact the employee. The later explained that he had woken up too late and promised that he would go to the bank as soon as possible to do the needful. Finally, this person did not keep his promise and on June 2, he submitted his resignation through a law firm.

The 'disappearance' of the employee leaves the company with no choice but to take legal action against the man to recover the money accidentally transferred to him.

In Chile : An employee was mistakenly paid 286 times his salary

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