Health : Pay attention to these 6 symptoms that point to a vitamin A deficiency

Health : Pay attention to these 6 symptoms that point to a vitamin A deficiency

Vitamin A is a critical vitamin essential for the upkeep of many bodily functions, such as vision, immune system, reproductive health and skin care. This fat soluble vitamin is found in foods such as dairy products and eggs and is also formed by the body when it converts carotenoids in foods such as spinach and tomatoes into vitamin A.

Catching the signs of vitamin A deficiency

It is important to be vigilant for any signs of vitamin A deficiency, and you should consider being on a lookout for the following:

1. Dry eyes

2. Dry and itchy skin

3. Reproductive problems

4. Stunted growth

5. Chest and throat infections

6. Reduced wound healing process

Prevention and treatment of vitamin A deficiency

The first course of action should ideally be to consult a doctor before applying any topical ointments or consuming supplements to increase your vitamin A levels. However, you could include dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach, or bright-colored fruits such as oranges in your diet. Moreover, carrots, pumpkin and eggs are also rich in vitamin A and could be added to your meals to manage vitamin A deficiency.

In most cases, pregnant women and children are at a higher risk of being vitamin A deficient and hence, adequate care is required in such cases.

So ladies, take charge of your health and be vigilant of these signs of a vitamin A deficiency.


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