Australia: Protesters call for tougher laws on violence against women

This year gender-based violence caused the deaths of 27 women.
Australia: Protesters call for tougher laws on violence against women

Australia's Prime Minister Anthony Albanese described domestic abuse as a "national crisis" on Monday, following a nationwide rally against violence against women.

Thousands rallied in cities across Australia on Sunday to raise attention to the deaths of 27 women this year, reportedly as a result of gender-based violence in a population of 27 million. Albanese stated on Monday that the rallies were a call to action for all levels of the Australian government to do more to combat gender-based violence.

"We certainly need to do more. "Having empathy isn't enough," Anthony Albanese told Nine Network television. « The fact that ... a woman dies every four days on average at the hand of a partner is just a national crisis, » he went on to say.

Approximately more than 15,000 people marched in Melbourne, with 17 protests staged across Australia over the weekend. The Prime Minister stated that he will host a gathering of Australian state and territory leaders on Wednesday to develop a coordinated response.

Women's Minister Katy Gallagher and Social Services Minister Amanda Rishworth faced a harsh response when they visited a demonstration in Canberra on Sunday. Protesters chanted at government officials.

The Prime Minister stated that there should be a greater emphasis on perpetrators and violence preventive measures. « We need to change the culture, we need to change attitudes — we need to change the legal system, ».


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