France: Drunk U.S. Tourists Spend Night in Eiffel Tower

Two intoxicated American tourists ended up spending a night sleeping inside the Eiffel Tower.
France: Drunk U.S. Tourists Spend Night in Eiffel Tower

The incident unfolded on Sunday night when the two men visited the iconic landmark. Somehow, they managed to bypass security barriers and ventured into restricted areas between the tower’s second and third levels while descending, which are typically off-limits to the public, as stated by the police.

According to the Paris prosecutors, the tourists seemed to have become stuck due to their extreme level of intoxication. Firefighters were called to rescue them from their predicament.

The intoxicated individuals were discovered by security personnel on Monday morning, causing disruptions and delaying the tower's usual opening time of 9:00 am.

SETE, the company responsible for the publicly-owned Eiffel Tower, stated that the men posed no threat.

After questioning both men, the French police announced that SETE will be filing a criminal complaint against them.

This situation follows two bomb threats that occurred on Saturday, leading to evacuations from the tower premises. The threats were posted on gaming websites and an online communication platform between the public and the police. As a result, French authorities have initiated an investigation into these incidents.

The Eiffel Tower, standing at 300 meters (984 feet) tall and constructed in the 1880s, welcomed around 5.8 million tourists in the previous year.


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