Hawaii: 36 dead, dozens injured in wildfires

Officials said at least two dozen had been injured as the fire destroyed businesses in the historic town of Lahaina in western Maui.
Hawaii: 36 dead, dozens injured in wildfires

Hawaii is battling wildfires spurred by winds from Hurricane Dora, prompting evacuations on Maui and the Big Island. Mayor has confirmed six fatalities in Maui County and warns that the number could rise. In the neighborhood, there have been 13 evacuations as a result of three fires burning on the island.

Hawaii’s Lieutenant Governor says that a full assessment of the fire damage could take months. The US Coast Guard says it rescued 14 people after reports of residents escaping a blaze by jumping into the sea near the town of Lahaina, on Maui. Over 2,100 people are using the five shelters that have been opened on the island, and some of them along with a number of hotels- lost power.  

Hurricane Dora continues to trek in the west direction in the open Pacific Ocean as a strong high-pressure system and the storm's winds have been blamed for enhancing brush fires across several Hawaiian Islands that have led to six deaths.

Aside from marine interests, forecasters said the hurricane poses no threat to any landmasses over at least the following week. Located more than 900 miles south of Honolulu, Dora is also indirectly enhancing the winds across

Hawaii, in conjunction with the ridge of high pressure, the FOX Forecast Center said. Fire crews are battling multiple brush fires on Maui and the Big Island as wind gusts of more than 70 mph boosted the flames.

Hawaii: Six dead, dozens injured in wildfires


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