Mexico: Plane crashes on the beach, killing one

The plane was carrying four Canadian skydivers and one Mexican.
Mexico: Plane crashes on the beach, killing one

On Sunday, a plane carrying four Canadian skydivers crashed on a beach in southern Mexico, killing one man on the ground.

There was no early information on why the jet crashed, although it appeared to have made a forced landing and was mostly intact.

However, it crashed on a densely populated stretch of the beach in the Pacific coast town of Puerto Escondido, nearly on top of the victim, whose nationality was not revealed.

The four Canadians and one Mexican man on board the small plane were transferred to a medical facility. The Oaxacan state civil defense office stated that they were in "stable" health.

No information on the Canadians' names or hometowns were made public.

According to the office, the deceased's wife was walking close by and was uninjured.

The tragedy occurred just meters from the surfing area and even closer to a wood beach structure of the type commonly used in Puerto Escondido for restaurants.

Beachgoers carried the victim from the plane across the sand, according to social media footage of the aftermath.

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Mexico: Plane crashes on the beach, killing one


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