The U.S. Approves First Pill to Treat Postpartum Depression

While it is estimated that one in every eight new parents in the United States suffers from PPD after giving birth, only around 16% get treated.
The U.S. Approves First Pill to Treat Postpartum Depression

A significant milestone has been reached in the field of mental health as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States greenlights the inaugural oral treatment for postpartum depression (PPD).

Postpartum depression, characterized by severe depressive episodes coupled with physical symptoms such as insomnia and loss of appetite, often persists for over two weeks after childbirth.

Remarkably, clinical trials revealed that a portion of individuals reported a reduction in their depressive symptoms within merely three days of commencing the treatment.

The newly approved medication, Zurzuvae, is specifically designed for the prompt alleviation of PPD. Patients are prescribed a daily dosage of one pill over a two-week period.

Before this groundbreaking pill, the U.S. had introduced a targeted treatment for PPD back in 2019; however, it was exclusively administered through intravenous injections.

Despite the prevalence of postpartum depression affecting approximately one in eight new parents in the U.S. following childbirth, a mere 16% of those impacted seek and receive the necessary treatment.


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