Political Fossils Unearthed: An Alliance's Dinosaur Dance of Election Tickets 37-17-8

And as the final tally rings out — 37-17-8 — it appears the dinosaurs of politics have indeed completed their dino dance. Stay tuned for the next episode of 'Ageing Leaders...
Political Fossils Unearthed: An Alliance's Dinosaur Dance of Election Tickets 37-17-8

In a time-warp to politics past, the PTR-MMM-PMSD alliance has thrown back the curtains on their election ticket distribution, revealing a scene straight out of a bygone era. With veteran stalwarts Paul Bérenger and Navin Ramgoolam eyeing what could be their final hurrah, the playbook remains disappointingly stuck in an age of yore.

A recent snapshot capturing Navin Ramgoolam standing alongside the esteemed President of India showcased a disheartening image of a once-mighty figure now appearing fragile and weathered - a stark contrast to his former self. Meanwhile, Paul Bérenger, steering the ship of MMM, seems content with his bounty of 17 tickets gifted by his ever-so-generous 'friend' Navin. As anticipated, the lion's share found its way into the inner sanctum of Bérenger's loyalists and kin, signaling a lack of fresh blood in the mix.

Racing against time to make a final power move, Bérenger has steered his party from being a key player to a mere pawn on the chessboard, sticking to his trademark solitary decision-making style. As a disheartened old militant would lament, 'Once a leader Maximo, forever stays the leader Maximo.’

On a contrasting note, the PMSD, the alliance's 'joli mamzel' partner, appears less than thrilled with its slice of the electoral pie, with party chief Xavier Luc Duval lamenting that it falls short of expectations with barely 8 tickets awarded.

Since its inception, this political pact has been marred by a web of uncertainties, each turn in the road prompting spectators to brace for the unexpected. As the plot thickens, observers are on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this unfolding political saga. In a realm where dinosaurs roam, will these aging relics redefine the game, or are we in for a familiar tale of missed opportunities and political déjà vu? Only time will tell as the drama unfolds in the arena of power plays and alliances.

Sunil Gohin

CEO of Wazaa FM & Inside News


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