PTR-MMM-PMSD Alliance: The Writing Was on the Wall for Failure Since Day One

A Political Comedy of Errors
A Political Comedy of Errors
A Political Comedy of Errors

The thrilling political circus of PTR-MMM-PMSD! It played out just as predictably as a rerun of a soap opera. Navin Ramgoolam, the PTR leader, displayed an insatiable appetite for the electoral ticket cake, ensuring he got the lion's share without even a hint of hesitation.

Meanwhile, Paul Berenger, the MMM leader, couldn't contain his opportunistic glee when announcing PMSD's departure. Of course, why would he? PMSD leaving meant more tickets for his party, his friends, and probably his pet goldfish too.

Xavier Duval, the PMSD leader and Leader of the Opposition, was led down the garden path by these two political oligarchs, thinking he could ever be on their level. Alas, he eventually saw through the charade and bid adieu to the alliance, taking with him the last shreds of hope from the youthful believers in this so-called "entente."

And so, the aging leaders of PTR and MMM are sticking to their tried-and-failed mathematical playbook, seemingly intent on repeating the mistakes that led them to defeat in the past two elections. The PTR-MMM-PMSD alliance  have been doomed from the start. This feels like a case of déjà vu or a poorly scripted movie.


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