Students Wave the Mauritian Flag in Shenzhen

In Mauritius, Huawei has setup ICT Academies in over 7 Universities and institutes to provide access to the latest technology training in Networking, Cloud, 5G and AI, providing training opportunities to students.
Students Wave the Mauritian Flag in Shenzhen

24th June 2024, 5 Mauritian young talents have started their journey in China, participating the one-week LEAP Training Program in Shenzhen and Shanghai.

2023 Tech4Good winner team represented by four Mauritian students and one mentor have been selected participating the program organized by Huawei headquarter in Shenzhen. The training program start on 24th June end on 28th June. Including the 5.5G Exhibition Hall Visit and 5.5G Class, Huawei Flagship Store Visit in Shanghai, as well as the Digital Government Visit and participation of talks during Mobile World Congress Shanghai. 

Mauritius Team from Left: Divakar Ramessur, Michael Chong Foo Yuen, Ankshita Maunthrooa, Wang Ke(VP of Huawei Global Government Affairs Dept), Bhavna Jangli, Ravish Gokool.

As one of Huawei’s flagship program, every year, over 50 Mauritian students are selected from more than seven partnered ICT academies proceed to participate in the Huawei Seeds for the Future training program following by the internship program organized by Huawei Mauritius Office.

Tech4Good is an entrepreneurship program designed to help youngsters learn about the latest trends in digitalization and explore how digital technologies can address common social issues. It aims to raise students’ awareness of challenges to local sustainable development, support them to use the ICT skills they learn to explore solutions that are both technically and commercially viable, and help them turn their dreams into reality by Intensive training and workshop.

Mauritian team recently won the Tech4Good global competition with its innovative ideas, comprehensive thinking and competitive presentation skills. 《Smart Agriculture improving production powered by renewable energy》is the project Mauritian students have presented to Huawei Headquarter led by Ankshita Maunthrooa, student from Engineering program at University of Mauritius.

In a presentation at Huawei Mauritius office, Ankshita highlighted: Water, fertilizer, pesticides, and other inputs are no longer applied only by eye, or uniformly across the field by large agricultural producers. The use of 5G for fast connection, Internet of Things for data collection, AI micro cameras with computer vision allows the precise application of only what is required in each location, as well as the careful tailoring of treatment for each plant.”

“Thank to Huawei Seeds for the Future Program, I have the opportunity to learn China’s leading technology.” Ankshita further said. Seeds for the Future Program is an important part of “LEAP”, a talent ecosystem development program launched by Huawei in sub-Saharan Africa. This program aims to cultivate more than 100,000 ICT talents for the region.

Professor Mohamed Issac Santally, Pro Vice-Chancellor, representing University of Mauritius, at the Tech4Good Awards Ceremony held at Huawei Mauritius Office on 20th June 2024, congratulated the students and wish them all best practices at training program while in China from 24th to 28th June.

The use of technology continues to become an integral part of our day to day lives, both on a personal and business levels. It is with this reason that there is need to invest in the youth, providing them with the necessary resources that will enable them to grow their skillset to be able to fit the markets demand for a skilled workforce. The government through ministries continue to create initiatives and programs that target the youth. These programs done both independently and in collaboration with the private sector have ensured have not only aided in bridging the digital divide, but also build a skilled workforce.

In Mauritius, Huawei has setup ICT Academies in over 7 Universities and institutes to provide access to the latest technology training in Networking, Cloud, 5G and AI, providing training opportunities to students and young professionals in ICT sector. In addition, the Huawei ICT skills Competition attracts numerous students every year in Mauritius, providing students with a platform to compete, win awards and exchange ideas, thus enhancing their ICT knowledge and practical skills as well as increasing their ability to innovate by using new technologies and platforms.


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